Volume 3 Issue 1

Case Report

Management of Adnexal Torsion in Extreme Ages

Bothinasaleem al-hegely. 3(1): 220-222.


Zika Virus- The Microcephaly Inducing Flavivirus

Olukayode A Akinlaja. 3(1): 223-224.

Research Article

Urinary Diversion in the Management of Locally Advanced Cervical Cancer Facilitates the Use of Aggressive Therapy without Adversely Effecting Overall Treatment Time

Jason M Beckta, Jori S Carter, Wen Wan, Weldon E Chafe, Olubunmi K Abayomi, Michelle A Proper and Emma C Fields. 3(1): 225-231.

Research Article

Relation of Hyperuricemia with Maternal and Perinatal Complications in Severe Preeclampsia

Armando Alberto Moreno Santillan, Daniela Yesenia Paz Cervantes, Jesus Carlos Briones Garduño and Manuel Antonio Diaz de Leon Ponce. 3(1): 235-242.