Volume 2 Issue 1


Caesarean Myomectomy: To Do Or Not To Do?

Naiknaware Sachin Vijay. 2(1): 114-116.

Case Report

The Unbelievable Case of Primary Placement of IUCD in Urinary Bladder

AG Radhika, Sonia Chawla, Seema Prakash, Rachna Aggarwal and Gita Radhakrishnan. 2(1): 117-122.


An Intern Faces the Tragedy of a Maternal Death

Katherine J Kramer. 2(1): 123-125.

Research Article

Association of ABO Blood Type and Ovarian Stimulation Response in Oocyte Donors

Nigel Pereira, Anne P Hutchinson, Jovana P Lekovich, Rony T Elias, Zev Rosenwaks and Steven D Spandorfer. 2(1): 126-131.

Review Article

Reproductive Genetic Counseling in Genomic Era

Ashutosh Halder. 2(1): 132-148.

Research Article

The incidence Rate of Twin Pregnancies during 2013 in Kosovo

Astrit M. Gashi, Reshat Bekteshi, and Brikene Dacaj-Elshani. 2(1): 149-153.