Volume 11 Issue 10

Research Article

The Effect of Maternal Anaemia on Birth Weight of Newborns in DHQ Rawalpindi

Rubaba Abid and Hassan Murtaza. 11(10): 03-08.

Research Article

Midwives Compliance in Carrying Out Health Protocols in Providing Pregnancy Services during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Astri Nurdiana, Rina Marlina and Weni Adityasning. 11(10): 09-19.

Research Article

Maternal and Fetal Outcomes in Epilepsy

Akshatha DS, Prashanth FG, Pooja P, Sana Fathima, Shivsandesh and Sreelatha S. 11(10): 20-25.

Research Article

Knowledge and Compliance of Pregnant Women about the Covid-19 and its Effects on Pregnancy Outcome

Mahbod Kaveh, Elham Shirali, Zahra Kaveh, Shokoh Varaei, Venus Hajaliakbar, Mahsa Ghajarzadeh, Elham Feizabad and Fateme Davaritanha. 11(10): 26-33.

Case Report

Acquired Vaginal Stenosis - A Case Report

Khadeeja Ahmed, Samira Ndow, Amna Mohamed and Paul Holmes. 11(10): 38-42.

Mini Review

Multilevel Approach to Avoid the Unnecessary Cesarean Deliveries

Amani Mohsen and Aya Mosleh. 11(10): 43-48.