Volume 10 Issue 7


Clinical Care of Pregnancy with Covid-19

Suneeta Mittal and Pakhee Aggarwal. 10(7): 40-48.

Research Article

The Sars-Cov-2 Pandemic: Its Effects on the Testicular Function and Future Ramifications on Male Reproductive Performance

Panayiotis Zavos, Theodora Maria Zavos and Sajida Shahnawaz. 10(7): 84-87.

Research Article

Evaluation of the Uterine Cervical Cancer Program in Primary Health at Boyeros Municipality, Year 2019

Yamila Vázquez Pérez, Yunet Tahimí Hernández Vázquez, Omar Cabezas Crespo. 10(7): 49-59.

Research Article

Maternal Use of Cannabis and its Impact on Pregnancy and Child Development

Asmàa Fouad, N Youssouf, M Bouab, M Jalal, A Lamrissi, K Fichtali and S Bouhya. 10(7): 18-21.

Review Article

Chronic Pelvic Pain can be a Symptom of a Disease

Siniša Franjić. 10(7): 29-32.

Review Article

Maternal Thrombocytopenia: Obstetricians Dilemma, to Act or Not?

Brinderjeet Kaur. 10(7): 22-28.

Case Report

Thoraco Omphalopagus: An Intra Operative Diagnosis of Conjoined Twin Pregnancy

Anberbir Girma and Atsinagn Girma Borena. 10(7): 33-36.

Short Communication

Thermography and Pelvic Floor in Urogynecology

Samantha Condé Rangel. 10(7): 37-39.