Volume 10 Issue 4


Clinical Audit on Placenta Accreta Management

Mostafa Bahlol, Esam Khalifa, Raed Mohammed and Alaa M Ismail. 10(4): 65-70.

Research Article

Pregnancy Associated Glycoproteins are an Option in Early Pregnancy Diagnosis in Cattle

Gaye Bulut and Umut Taşdemir. 10(4): 71-76.

Research Article

Implementation Status of Community-Level Maternal Deaths Surveillance and Response in Nepal

Sharad Kumar Sharma, Naresh Pratap KC and Bikash Devkota. 10(4): 53-68.

Research Article

Serum FSH Levels during IVF Cycles: A New Paradigm for Clinical Management of Ovarian Stimulation

Barry Perlman, Kulak D, Oh C and McGovern PG. 10(4): 13-21.

Research Article

Comparison of Outcomes among Pregnant Women with or without COVID-19 during Intrapartum and Postpartum Care: A Longitudinal-Study

Shaista Zubair, Afsheen Mahboob, Idoracaera Ikhwan, Mah Jabeen, Surekha Kanchanagari, Afshana Ali, Maryam Younus and Zubair Anwar. 10(4): 41-51.

Case Report

Successful Pregnancy Outcome in Woman with Didelphy Uterus Diagnosed at Emergency Cesarean Section, Ethiopia, 2018

Tefera Marie Bereka, Yibelu Bazezew Bitewa and Desalegn Getaneh Woldie. 10(4): 35-40.

Case Report

Maternal Distress due to Spontaneous Antepartum Rupture of Unscarred Uterus with a Live Fetus in the Abdominal Cavity at 31 Weeks: A Case Report and Literature Review

Ekine Atombosoba Adokiye, Rucz Árpád, Veres Viktoria, Csáthy László, Nega Tsehai and Kovács Zoltán. 10(4): 11-16.

Case Report

Case Report of Cyclop Deformity

Shaista Zubair, Marie Lou Acevedo Villar, Zubair Anwar, Azimuddin Azim Siraj, Ved Vrat, M Zakir Hossain, Faizal Sharif and Indulekha Anayath. 10(4): 91-95.