Volume 10 Issue 12


Attachment Placental Disorders: Placenta Accreta

Emilija Jasovic-Siveska and K Pajakovska. 10(12): 01-03.

Research Article

The Effect of the Body Mass of Pregnant Women on Anemia: A Comparative Study Between Pregnant Women Who Took Iron and Mothers Who Did Not Take it During Pregnancy

Ibtihal Meargani Fadoul Alla Mohamed, Rasha Mohamed Ali Homida and Abubakar Salaheldin Abubakar Sadig. 10(12): 48-54.

Research Article

Study of Thyroid Dysfunction in Patients with Menstrual Disorders

Shweta Mehta, Shubha Pande and Krishna Mukherjee. 10(12): 109-114.

Mini Review

Oocyte Cryopreservation for Single Women: Where India Stands in 2021

Ranjana Rana, Anshul Rana and Sriloy Mohanty. 10(12): 24-26.

Case Report

Bilateral Congenital Absence of a Part of the Fallopian Tubes: A Case Report

Anberbir Girma and Getaneh Dejen. 10(12): 27-30.

Research Protocol

Cervical Index: A Novel Sonographic Screening Test to Predict Preterm Birth

M Terrani, BM Petrikovsky and L Sichinava. 10(12): 31-33.


Mcall’s Culdoplatia in Current Gynecological Surgery

Jaider Gomez Diaz. 10(12): 41-42.