Volume 10 Issue 11

Research Article

‘Jade Goody Effect’: Increased Attendance at a Cervical Screening Program in the Portsmouth Hospitals

Oudai Ali, Indrielle-Kelly Tereza, Al-Oleiw Yassir and Al-Taiar Hasanen. 10(11): 36-42.

Research Article

Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Health Care during Pregnancy among Sudanese Women in Omdurman Maternity Hospital of Khartoum State, Sudan, in 2019

Einas Ahmed Abdelraheem Hassan, Amna Muawia Eltayeb Ahmed and Rawya Ismail Mohamed Elbakri. 10(11): 01-18.

Research Article

Factors Associated with Contraceptive Uptake Following Abortion in Three Different Legal Contexts in Latin America

Liliana León Rogel, M Valeria Bahamondes, Rodolfo Gómez Ponce de León and Musa Work Group. 10(10): 83-91.

Research Article

Factors Associated with Perinatal Outcomes of Severe Preeclampsia in Mothers Admitted to a Regional Hospital in Senegal

Diallo FB, Bah MB, Thiam O, Balde EY, Balde AT, Camara A, Balde MA, Sylla IS and Kallo AO. 10(11): 19-24.

Research Article

Iron Therapy in Iron Deficiency Anemia in Pregnancy: Comparison between Intravenous Routes Versus Oral Route at Saad Aboalella University Hospital, University of Khartoum, Sudan

Abubakar Salaheldin Abubakar Sadig, Rasha Mohamed Ali Homida and Ibtihal Meargani Fadoul Alla Mohamed. 10(11): 115-120.

Research Article

The Association between Body Mass Index and Mode of Delivery in Primigravida and Multigravida at Haj El-Safi Teaching Hospital (2021)

Rasha Mohamed Ali Homida, Abubakar Salaheldin Abubakar Sadig and Ibtihal Meargani Fadoul Alla Mohamed. 10(11): 57-67.

Review Article

Genital Tuberculosis in Women an Update

Victor Manuel Vargas-Hernandez. 10(11): 92-103.

Review Article

Understanding Basic Concepts of Premature Ovarian Failure

Mona Sharma and Ashutosh Halder. 10(11): 25-36.

Review Article

Prescribing Hormone Replacement Therapy: To Whom, When, What and How?

Kanika Chopra and Swati Agrawal. 10(11): 77-88.

Case Report

Borderline Brenner Tumour: A Rarely Encountered Clinico-Pathological Ovarian Entity: Case Report

Pakhee Aggrawal, Suneeta Mittal and Simi Aggrawal. 10(11): 37-40.

Case Report

Neuropsychiatric Manifestation of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus in an Immediate Postpartum Patient: A Case Report from Northern Tanzania

Frank Kiwango*, Bariki Mchome, Nyasatu G Chamba, Nasra Batchu, Endesh Zelothe, Albert E Masenga, Muzna K Masoud, Doriane Sabushimike, Eliasa K Ndale, Aloyce Ambokile, Lulyritha Kini, Daudi Mavura, Judith Boshe and Benjamin C Shayo. 10(11): 104-108.

Case Report

Alpha Fetoprotein and Congenital Nephrotic Syndrome

Gupta Ashutosh, Aneja Anjila, Bahl Neena, Arora Rupam, Sehgal Renu Raina and Saini Pankaj. 10(11): 17-23.

Mini Review

Mental Health of Partners of Women Who are Expecting

Dwayla M Carty, Gloria Bachmann, Damali Campbell and Juana Hutchinson-Colas. 10(11): 125-126.

Case Report

Postmenopausal Secondary Polycythaemia due to Large Fibroid

Mohamed Ezeldin, Khalid A ElFadl, Raouf Sallam, Heba Mahdy, Mostafa Banni, Shagufta Rafiq and Fauzi Alhakmi. 10(11): 78-82.

Case Report

Multiple Fetal Skeletal Deformations and Uterine Wall Distortion; Two Rare Complications of Prolonged Preterm Premature Rupture of Membrane

Tal Margaliot Kalifa, Michael Gal, Ori Shen, Yelena Zarkov, Yanichkin Natalia, Sorina Grisaru-Granovsky and Orna Reichman. 10(11): 89-91.


New Modalities and Approaches for Pelvic Floor Disorders in Women

Samantha Condé Rocha Rangel and Luana Malagutti Machado. 10(11): 41-43.