EC Gynaecology

Research Article Volume 12 Issue 2 - 2023

Research on Sexual Passion of Middle-Aged and Elderly Women

Zha Jianzhong* and Li Songlin

Keri Institute of Female Sexual Health, Wuhan, China

*Corresponding Author: Zha Jianzhong, Keri Institute of Female Sexual Health, Wuhan, China.
Received: December 16, 2022; Published: January 23, 2023

Objective: To understand the sexual health status of different age groups and the relationship between them by studying the sexual passion of middle-aged and elderly women.

Methods: The research on sexual passion was conducted by questionnaire among 316 middle-aged and elderly female students in 13 classes of 9 majors from nearly 5000 students in the main campus and the central campus of Wuhan University for the Elderly in China, and the sexual health level of different age groups was quantified by using the sexual passion related index.

Results: 274 valid questionnaires were received, and the age of the respondents was 41 - 86 years old; 44.5% of them were ≤ 59 years old and 55.5% were ≥ 60 years old. 36.1% of the people lost or temporarily had no partner because they were unmarried, divorced or widowed. The ratio of unaccompanied people to find partners was 45.5%; 80.3% of them have partners, 71.9% have sex (89.5% of the partners); Sex frequency: 35.5% people < 1 time/month; 23.9% people once to twice a month; 10.2% of people ≥ 3 times/month. 33.5% people can have orgasm; 48.2% people often get sexual pleasure; 35.5% believed that sex and marriage were very important or important; 11.1% thought it was difficult or impossible to grow old together without sex. 48.2% had sexual problems, 36.0% never asked for help; 35.0% had vaginal dryness or pain during sexual intercourse; 14.0% people lack general sexual knowledge; The sexual passion index of the 40 year old group was similar to that of the 70 year old group, and was significantly higher than that of the 50 year old and 60 year old groups, indicating that there might be a periodicity of sexual passion; The middle-aged people have more problems in sex education, sex psychology, physiology and environmental factors than the elderly; Perimenopause is a frequent period when such problems occur.

Conclusion: There is no absolute negative correlation between the sexual passion and age of middle-aged and elderly women. We should pay attention to the periodicity of sexual passion so as to pay attention to the needs of all ages in sexual health services.

Keywords: Middle Aged and Elderly Women; Sexual Enthusiasm

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Zha Jianzhong and Li Songlin. Research on Sexual Passion of Middle-Aged and Elderly Women. EC Gynaecology 12.2 (2023): 03-11.