EC Gynaecology

Review Article Volume 13 Issue 4 - 2024

Overview and Current Status of Hysteroscopy in Gynaecology Practice

Naiknaware Sachin Vijay*

1Parkview Hospital, Virar, India

*Corresponding Author: Naiknaware Sachin Vijay, Parkview Hospital, Virar, India.
Received: February 15, 2024; Published: March 15, 2024

Since its introduction in gynaecology practice in 19th century hysteroscopy has been increasingly performed for various gynaecology disorders, the commonest disorders that being diagnosed and treated with hysteroscopy are abnormal vaginal bleeding, endometrial polypectomy, sub mucous myopia resection, metroplasty, infertility evaluation and diagnosis of hyper plastic endometrium and sometimes transcervical resection of endometrium. In premenopausal women with regular menstrual cycles the optimum time for doing hysteroscopy is follicular phase of cycle after menstruation there is not strong evidence at present to support preoperative cervical dilatation. Nowadays there is increased preference for office based hysteroscopy as it is found to associated with cost effectiveness and higher patient satisfaction.

 Keywords: Hysteroscopy; Gynaecology Practice; Endometrial Polypectomy

Naiknaware Sachin Vijay. "Overview and Current Status of Hysteroscopy in Gynaecology Practice". EC Gynaecology 13.4 (2024): 01-08.