EC Gynaecology

Research Article Volume 12 Issue 1 - 2023

Herbal Supplements (CovETS) in Treating Covid 19 Related Pneumonia

Edessy M*, Tawfik R and Alyamani A

Professors at Obstetrics and Gynecology Department, Al Azhar University Medical School, Egypt

*Corresponding Author: Edessy M, Professors at Obstetrics and Gynecology Department, Al Azhar University Medical School, Egypt.
Received: September 21, 2022; Published: December 13, 2022

Background: Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) acquired pneumonia is the leading cause of death worldwide. Hospital mortality among patients with COVID-19 infection is still high. Medicinal plant has been used for thousands of years for treating respiratory infections. Nowadays many complementary therapies are offered for patients with covid-19 pneumonia, it is not very clear whether herbal supplements are suitable therapy for this type of pneumonia.

Aim: Evaluation of the efficacy of the herbal supplementary mixture of volatile oils of Rhus coriaria, thyme and star anise (CovETS) in cases of COVID-19 acquired pneumonia.

Subjects and Methods: A prospective controlled clinical study during the period of 3 months from 20 march to 20 June 2020, conducted on 88 patients assigned to one of two groups, the control (Non-CovETS) group (43 patients) received conventional WHO anti Covid-19 protocol alone and the study (CovETS) group (45 patients) received a combination of the same conventional WHO protocol and the covets.

Results: A statistically significant improvement of the CovETS group (patients who received both who protocol and herbal supplements), regarding time of clinical stability (p = 0.001), hospital stay (p = 0.001), mechanical ventilation (p = 0.045), post covid syndrome (p = 0.037) and hospital mortality (p = 0.029) of the COVID 19 pneumonic patients.

A highly statistically significant improvement in the success and mortality rates among the CovETS than the non-CovETS groups of the pneumonic high-risk patients.

Conclusion: CovETS improved the clinical profile and mortality rates of the covid-19 pneumonia patients.

Keywords: COVID-19 Related Pneumonia; Herbs; CovETS

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Edessy M., et al. Herbal Supplements (CovETS) in Treating Covid 19 Related Pneumonia. EC Gynaecology 12.1 (2023): 12-18.