EC Gynaecology

Book Review Volume 13 Issue 4 - 2024

Book Review ‘Obstetrics and Gynecology for Midwifery Students’

Uqbah Iqbal*

Managing Director, Pitas Agriculture, Kampung Mempakad Darat, Pitas, Sabah, Malaysia

*Corresponding Author: Uqbah Iqbal, Managing Director, Pitas Agriculture, Kampung Mempakad Darat, Pitas, Sabah, Malaysia.
Received: March 09, 2024; Published: March 22, 2024

This book was prepared in collaboration between fellow authors who come from various professional backgrounds and across regions throughout Indonesia. Apart from that, this book can be a forum for bringing together various ideas and thoughts from experts from all over Indonesia and create a medium for academic friendship. This book is organized into 12 chapters which are arranged in detail and clearly. Obstetrics is a branch of science that studies pregnancy, childbirth and delivery postpartum. its coverage starts from contraception and ends with the beginning of labor, including in this case the process of expelling the baby and uterus, and the process of recovering the instruments to reached its pre-pregnancy state while the science of gynecology to study the genital organs starting from ovary to vulva. Includes abnormalities, are clinical symptoms and structuring. Thus, becoming the object of these discipline are pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and new baby’s birth. Obstetrics to this day remains the basis which according to the World Health Organization with midwifery services, aims to ensure that every pregnant women who breastfeed their babies can maintain their health as perfectly as possible when give birth to a healthy baby without any problems and then can care for and breastfeed their baby well.

 Keywords: Obstetrics; Gynecology; Health; Childbirth; Woman; Midwifery

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Uqbah Iqbal. "Book Review ‘Obstetrics and Gynecology for Midwifery Students’". EC Gynaecology 13.4 (2024): 01-02.