Volume 8 Issue 8

Research Article

Local Injection of Anti-Cancer Drugs in an Experimental Model of Colorectal Cancer, a Novel Scenario to Treat Invasive Neoplasia

Vicente Lorenzo-Zúñiga, Ignacio Bon, Napoleón de la Ossa and Ramón Bartolí. 8(8): 21-26.

Research Article

Тhe Microfloras Adaptable Changes of Stomach after Total Resection of Colon

Shermatov Rasuljon Mamasiddikovich. 8(8): 04-10.

Research Article

Effect of Orally Administered Relaxin in Experimental Nash

Colucci Giuseppe, Maggioni M, Gatti S, Bianchi A, Palladini G, Colombo M and Angiolini L. 8(8): 11-20.

Review Article

Inguinal Hernias: A Comparison of Surgical Options and Preventive Measures

Nicholas A Kerna, ND Victor Carsrud, Uzoamaka Nwokorie, Joseph Anderson II, Lawrence U Akabike, Hilary M Holets, Kevin D Pruitt, Sahalia Rashid and Emmanueall O Solomon. 8(8): 53-65.

Research Protocol

Abnormalities of Fertility and Pregnancy in Celiac Disease

Dalila Tagzout and Amar Tebaibia. 8(8): 87-89.

Mini Review

A Reflection on Establishing Acute Surgical Clinic in a District General Hospital

Kiren M Ali, Ashu Gumber, Srilatha Dampetla, Raju Pareek and Kawan Shalli. 8(8): 82-86.

Case Series

Severe Chronic Constipation due to Dolichosigmoid Resolved by Laparoscopy: A Case Series Report

Alejandro Weber Sánchez, Pablo Weber Álvarez and Denzil Garteiz Martínez. 8(8): 34-41.


Stomach Disorders and Corona | Is there a Relationship?

Marwa Belal Omara. 8(8): 42-46.

Short Communication

High Cost Drugs a worldwide Issue Resolved in Mexico by the IMSS: Catalog II a Model to Follow

Morelos Adolfo García Sánchez, Ramón Armando Sánchez Tamayo, Oswaldo Díaz González, Mireya De La Fuente González, Luis Andres Saenz Romero, Elizabeth Mendoza Portillo, María Isabel Estrada Rodríguez, María De Los Ángeles Carmona Alva, Imelda Yasmín Palma Cortés, Daniel Pérez Nuñez, Roxana Islas Mendoza, Diego Enrique Martínez Castañeda and José Juan Lozano Nuevo. 8(8): 47-52.