Volume 8 Issue 7


Cholesterol Crystallization: A Little Understood Topic in the Pathogenesis of Gallstones

Ibrahim Guillermo Castro-Torres, Elia Brosla Naranjo-Rodríguez and Minerva Hernández-Lozano. 8(7): 47.

Research Article

What we have Learned during these Three Pandemic Waves

Sergio Perez-Holanda. 8(7): 01-10.

Research Article

COVID-19 and IBD: Medical Unit Experience

Alaoui Mdaghri Rhita, M Borahma, N Lagdali, FZ. Ajana and I Benelbarhdadi. 8(7): 54-59.

Review Article

Age in Older Adults Alters Intestinal Microbiota

Álvaro Zamudio Tiburcio and Silverio Alonso López. 8(7): 60-68.

Review Article

Combining Endoscopic and Radiologic Imaging: The Fusion Perspective

Simone Grillo, Vincenzo G Mirante, Paolo Cecinato and Romano Sassatelli. 8(7): 27-32.

Review Article

A Comprehensive and Practical Guide to Clinical Nutrition in Medical Practice

Nicholas A Kerna, Hilary M Holets, Abdullah Hafid, John V Flores, ND Victor Carsrud, Uzoamaka Nwokorie, Sahalia Rashid, Joseph Anderson II and Shain Waugh. 8(7): 76-86.

Mini Review

Is there a Relation between Helicobacter pylori and Covid-19?

Nagwan Salama Farhoud. 8(7): 27-32.

Case Report

Management of Intestinal Ischemia Secondary to Superior Venous Thrombosis: A Case Report

Zappalà Angelo, Toscano Chiara, Schillaci Riccardo, Caruso Giovambattista and Reina Giuseppe Angelo. 8(7): 36-41

Case Report

Mass Forming Biliary Ascariasis Masquerading as Gallbladder Cancer: A Case Report and Review of Literature

Lokesh Agarwal, Nihar Ranjan Dash, Adil Afsan and Kumble Seetharama Madhusudhan. 8(7): 42-46.

Case Report

Splenic Flexure Volvulus in a Young Woman; Atypical Presentation

Aya Janan Qassim, Mirza Faraz Saeed, Essam Salah Ibrahim, Sebnem Rencuzogullari4 and Abdulmenem Abualsel. 8(7): 69-75.