Volume 5 Issue 9

Research Article

Long Term Results and Protein Caloric Malnutrition in Morbid Obesity Patients Underwent Biliopancreatic Diversion with Duodenal Switch

Toni Ivanov Stoyanov, Pedro Cascales-Sanchez, Agustina Martinez-Moreno, Emilio Garcia-Blazquez, Servando Usero-Rebollo, Kaloyan Tonev Ivanov and Pencho Tonchev Tonchev. 5(9): 706-718.

Review Article

Systematic Interventions for Human Health

Stefan Kuroczycki-Saniutycz, Sylwia Chojnowska, Krzysztof Zwierz, Paulina Sienicka, Michalina Krzyżak and Elżbieta Kuroczycka-Saniutycz. 5(9): 719-724.

Mini Review

CTP, MELD (Including Na/XI/Delta) and CLIF-SOFA Scoring Systems for Predicting Outcome After Liver Transplantation: Current Mini-Review

Omer Faruk Ozkan, Ethem Unal, Sema Yuksekdag, Ahmet Topcu and Ozgul Duzgun. 5(9): 725-728.

Research Article

Impact of Treating Hyperuricemic NAFLD Patients with Allopurinol on Cytokeratin 18: A Pilot Study

Mohamed Mokhles, Salwa Salama, Yasser El Hossary, Osama Badary and Sylvia Foad. 5(9): 729-740.

Case Report

A Novel Small Nuclear RNA-Activating Protein (SNPC4) Gene Mutation is Associated with Benign Recurrent Intrahepatic Cholestasis (BRIC)

Abdulrahim Munther Odeh, Yasser Abu Safieh, Lara Kamal, Christina Qanawati, Ahmad M Suboh and Moien Kanan. 5(9): 741-745.

Case Report

A Giant Twenty Centimeters Hepatocellular Carcinoma within A Noncirrhotic, Nonfibrotic, Seronegative Liver: Surgical Approach and Outcome

Liviu Mosoia, Iulian Gilca, Diana Pescaru, Teodor Artenie, Augustin Dima, C Mitru, V Dumitrascu and Calu Traian. 5(9): 746-751.