Volume 5 Issue 7

Research Article

Morbidity and Mortality after Digestive Surgery

K Rghioui, M Azime, O Elallam, C Elkettani, R Cherkab and L Barrou. 5(7): 461-465.


Bariatric-Metabolic Surgery for Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

M Eilenberg, G Prager and K Staufer. 5(7): 466-468.

Short Communication

Ontogenesis and Imbroglio: The Circinate Pancreas

Anubha Bajaj. 5(7): 469-474.

Case Report

Hidden Dangers of Duo-Tubes in Adults: A Case Report and Literature Review

David Silver, Alison A Smith, Helmi Khadra, Christopher DuCoin and John Blair Hamner. 5(7): 475-479.

Research Article

Increasing Incidence of Crohn’s Disease in Epirus, Greece: A 30-year Prospective Study from a Referral Center

Zikos Malakos, Maria Saridi, Dimitra Latsou, Athanasios-Dimitrios Bakasis, Eleni Albani, Konstantinos H Katsanos and Dimitrios K Christodoulou. 5(7): 486-496.

Case Report

Intussusception in an Adult: An Unusual Presentation of Small Bowel Obstruction

Marwa Al-Azzawi and Yahya Al-Azri. 5(7): 511-515.

Review Article

Locally Advanced Gallbladder Cancer, New Strategies Offering Hope

Hector-Mauricio Almau, Plinio Fernández and Juan Larrañaga. 5(7): 526-529.

Research Article

Drug Eluting Beads for Unresectable Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Does it Need Another Look? Egyptian Single Center Pilot Study

Ahmed Kamal Eldorry, Nadia Abdelaaty Abdelkader, Mohamed Algharib Abou-elmaaty, Maha Mohamed Elgafary, Heba Ismail Aly, Iman montasser, Mohamed Salaheldin and Mohamed Kamal Shaker. 5(7): 530-540.


Intra Operative Anesthesia Considerations in Liver Transplant

Lakshmi Ram and Adarsh Vijay. 5(7): 551-552.