Volume 5 Issue 5


Is Masticatory Performance Important for Gastrointestinal Health?

Karin Harumi Uchima Koecklin. 5(5): 305.

Review Article

Contraction and Relaxation Signaling in Gastrointestinal Smooth Muscle

Othman Abdullah Al-Shboul. 5(5): 315-321.

Case Report

Pregnancy and Cirrhosis in the University Hospital Yalgado Ouedraogo in Burkina Faso: A Report of Five Cases

Serme AK, Somda KS, Coulibaly A, Sawadogo A, Koura M, Kouamou YS, Zamane Y, Kalmogo/Zan A, Sombie AR and Bougouma A. 5(5): 322-327.


The Possible Role of Microbiome in Gastric Cancer: Perspectives

Altea RM Nemolato and Jeel Moya-Salazar. 5(5): 328-331.

Review Article

The Development and Importance of the Human Gut Microbiota During the Phases of Life

Giacinto AD Miggiano, Valentina Prete and Adele Anna Teleman. 5(5): 332-336.

Case Report

Pylephlebitis: An Uncommon Complication of a Sigmoid Diverticulitis

Mendoza Moreno F, Santos Rodriguez A, Díez Gago MR, Minaya Bravo A, Jiménez Álvarez L, Aguado López H, Hernández Merlo F, Díez Alonso M and Noguerales Fraguas F. 5(5): 337-341.

Research Article

Sigmoid Volvulus Management in Developing Country at University Hospital of Treichville

Laurent N’dri Kouadio, Amalado Ayemou, François Xavier Kouadio N’Goran, Germain Koffi Kouadio. 5(5): 345-349.

Research Article

An Adjunctive Technique in the Detection of Pancreaticobiliary Malignancy: Computer-Assisted Wide Area Transepithelial Sampling

Constantine Fisher, Samson Ferm, Frances Puello, Akil Hassam, Moshe Rubin, Syed A Hussain and Sang H Kim. 5(5): 350-353.

Review Article

Pharmacological Management of Functional Constipation

Athula Tennakoon and Tharindra R B Dissanayake. 5(5): 354-361.

Review Article

Importance of Liver Biopsies during Liver Transplantation

Mohamed Ismail Seleem. 5(5): 370-374.