Volume 5 Issue 3

Research Article

Gracilis Transposition for Rectovaginal Fistulae

Torres Carlos, Villarroel Freddy, Gil Dina, Torres Douglas and Salinas Pedro. 5(3): 112-119.

Research Article

Etiology of Chronic Liver Disease in Ethiopia: A Case Control Study with Special Reference to Viral Hepatitis and Alcohol

Semira Abdelmenan, Abate Banes, Yemane Berhane, Markos Abebe and JH Wandall. 5(3): 120-128.


Impact of Duodenal Bulb Biopsies in Coeliac Disease Diagnosis

Laura Petrarca, Stefano Pontone, Fabio Massimo Magliocca, Margherita Bonamico and Raffaella Nenna. 5(3): 137-139.


The Rise of Corporate Medicine and its Melding, Conflicts and Influence on the Art and Science of Medicine, using Pancreatic Cancer (CaP) as the Model

Avram M Cooperman, David Grossman, Mazen Iskandar, Justin Steele and Michael Wayne DO. 5(3): 140-142.

Research Article

Validity of APR in the Era of Sphincter Saving Procedures for Low Rectal Cancers

Asif Mehraj, Nisar A Chowdri, Saima Nanda, Fazl Q Parray, Rauf A Wani, Mudassir A Khan and Arshad A Baba. 5(3): 152-159.

Review Article

Healthy Aging and Intestinal Microbiota

Tevfik Koçak and Nilüfer ACAR TEK. 5(3): 160-171.