Volume 1 Issue 5


Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Perianal Crohn’s Disease: Where Do We Stand?

Giuseppe Lo Re, Federica Vernuccio, Dario Picone, Chiara Terranova, Giuseppe La Tona and Sergio Salerno. 1(5): 140-142.

Research Article

Sofosbuvir Plus Daclatasvir with Fixed Versus Weight Adjusted Dose of Ribavirin for Treatment of HCV, Genotype 4 Among Egyptian Patients

Hosny Salama, Abdel Rahman Zekri, Eman Medhat, Zienab Zakaria, Hend Shousha, Sherin A Alim and Mervat Al Ansary. 1(5): 143-153.

Research Article

Serum IGF-1, HOMA-IR and Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate in Obese Patients with Different Stages of Hepatic Steatosis

Mona Abd-Elmonem hegazy, Mohamed Sherif Mogawer, Heba Mahomud Ebrahim, Laila Ahmed Rashed and Abeer Mostafa Elsayed. 1(5): 169-178.

Research Article

Coagulation, Fibrinolytic and Cytokines Parameters Response to Weight Reduction in Obese Subjects

Shehab Mahmoud Abd El-Kader and Osama H Al-Jiffri. 1(5): 179-185.

Case Report

A Case of Intestinal Obstruction Caused by Barium Retention after Small Bowel Radiography with Barium Meal

Zhiyong Wang, Sensen Tang, Gang Zhou ,Jianliang Wu, Liwei Sun, Yun Guo, Zhichao Lai, Yaping Wen, Yueyuan Wang Fei Da. 1(5): 186-189.