Volume 10 Issue 1


Advance in the Knowledge of Coeliac Disease

Carlos Castañeda Guillot. 10(1): 21-25.

Research Article

Intestinal Parasites in a Vulnerable Population in the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Gamboa MI, Osen BA, Corbalán VV, Butti MJ, Lagala F and Radman NE. 10(1): 26-40.

Research Article

Motor Function of the Digestive Organs in Rheumatoid Diseases

Lychkova AE, Ashrafova TR and Puzikov AM. 10(1): 01-06.

Research Article

A Clinical Study of 80 Sudanese Patients with Microscopic Colitis

Elsadig AA Drweesh, Sara EA Mohammed Ali, Badreldin M Yousif and Suleiman S Fedail. 10(1): 13-20.

Retrospective Study

Antibacillary Toxic Hepatitis

S Driouiche, H Hedda, M Lahlali, A Lamine, N Lahmidani, A Elmekkoui, M ELyoussfi, D Benajah, M ELabkari, A Ibrahimi and H Abid. 10(1): 07-12.

Retrospective Study

Particularities of Crohn’s Disease Revealed by an Appendicular Syndrome - About 31 Cases

Belmaqrout Sara, El Bacha Hicham, Benzzoubeir Nadia and Errabih Ikram. 10(1): 11-14.