Volume 6 Issue 6

Research Article

Prevalence of Obesity among Family Medicine Residents and its Determinants, Jeddah City, Saudi Arabia 2019

Arej A Fadel, Heba A Alturkistany and Kholoud A Alharbi. 6(6): 17-24.

Research Article

Do Eating Attitudes and Sleeping Quality have an Impact on Snoring?

G Tharani, B Mugilan, Ishwarya Vardhini C, Liji Sara Varghese and Jaiganesh G. 6(6): 13-16.

Research Article

Assessment of Serum Electrolytes in Subclinical Thyroid Disorders

Işılay Kalan Sarı and Muhammed Ali Coşkuner. 6(6): 28-32.

Research Article

Physical Activity Level, Motivators and Barriers among Elderly above 60 Years Old who Attend Primary Health Care Centres in Qatif, Saudi Arabia, 2019

Majed N Al-Osaimi, Shifaa M Al Zaher, Hani S Al-Mugti, Bander K Al-Amari, Malik S Almuqati, Salh F Alanazi, Wid W Bajunaid, Waleed O Algregri and Ahmed S Alghamdi. 6(6): 42-49.

Research Article

Obesity Treatments and Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA): Cross-Sectional Study

Shurouq Hamzah Arkoubi, Hanan I Almuzaini and Sara Ibrahim Almuzaini. 7(1): 50-57.

Review Article

Current Understanding of Adipokines and Adipose Tissue: Roles and Functions

Jennifer J Brown and Vanessa Fiaud. 6(6): 01-12.

Case Report

Acute Transient Hyperglycaemia after COVID-19 Vaccination in Patients with Stable Diabetes

R Bhatti, S Adhami, A H Khamis and G Matfin. 6(6): 33-38.

Case Series

Prilocaine Induced Methemoglobinemia: Two Case Reports

Sezin Okdemir. 6(6): 39-41.