Volume 6 Issue 5

Research Article

Assessment of Decrease in Renal Function Associated with Hypothyroidism

Ayesha Ammar, Naseer Ahmed, Kehkashan Bashir, Sadaf Batool, Maryam Syed, Adnan Saeed, M Faheem and Shazia Fatima. 6(5): 01-12.

Research Article

Predictors and Risk Factors of Hypoparathyroidism After Total Thyroidectomy: A Prospective Study

Ait Taleb Oum’Hand Hajar, Nitassi Sophia, Bencheikh Razika, Benbouzid MA, Oujilal Abdelilah and Essakalli Leila. 6(5): 13-21.

Review Article

Functional Medicine in Practice: What is Functional Medicine and How to Integrate Functional Medicine into Medical Practice

Nicholas A Kerna, Hilary M Holets, Abdullah Hafid, Kevin D Pruitt, ND Victor Carsrud, Uzoamaka Nwokorie, Rashad Roberson and Silile Ndhlovu. 6(5): 37-45.

Mini Review

The Unexpected Effects of Vitamin D

Francesco Lippi and Antonetta Picone. 6(5): 31-34.