Volume 6 Issue 2


Thyroid Disease and COVID-19. Any Relationship?

Graciela Cremaschi. 6(2): 29-31.

Research Article

Impact of a Cinnamon Extract Vs. Placebo on Metabolic Control in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Pfützner A, Drexel H, Grafinger P, Hoppichler F, Ludvik B, Prager R, Wascher TC, Schnell O and Weitgasser R. 6(2): 32-42.

Research Article

The Prevalence of Cardiovascular Disease and Other Comorbidities Among American Indian and Alaska Native Adults with Diabetes

Joan M O’Connell, Jennifer E Rockell, Judith C Ouellet, Sherri Yoder, Kimberly E Lind, Charlton Wilson, Andrew Friedson and Spero M Manson. 6(2): 05-20.