Volume 6 Issue 1


Management of Obesity in the Post Covid-19 World

Carmine Finelli. 6(1): 18-19.

Case Report

Resistant Hypertension Due to Pelvic Kidney

Alshymaa Alsayed. 6(1): 37-41.

Research Article

Predictors of Prolonged Intensive Care Unit Stay in Patients with Rheumatic Heart Disease Undergoing Heart Valve Surgery

Soraya Arzhan, Abbasali Karimi, Mahmoud Shirzad, Mohammadreza Rezaei and Seyed-Hossein Ahmadi-Tafti. 6(1): 20-27.

Research Article

Lifestyle and Dietary Habits of Covid-19 Positive Patients

Abdul Jabbar, Sadia Afzal, Adina M Yousuf, Mosab Nouraldein Mohammed Hamad, Muhammad Qasim and Nadia Mushtaq. 6(1): 28-36.