Volume 5 Issue 4


New Hypothesis: ANTI-PDL1 (Pembrolizumab) as an Immunotherapeutic Agent for Cushing Disease

Mehmet Celik, Serhat Ozcelik, Ece Celik and Melike Ozcelik. 5(4): 01-02.

Mini Review

Senescence and Diabetes

Nabil Kamal Elnaggar and Mohamed Nabil Elnaggar. 5(4): 03-08.

Research Article

Glycemic Profile of Indian Patients Receiving Hydroxychloroquine

Mohamed Iliyas, Sundaramurthy Ganesan, Rajeswari Sankaralingam and Alagu Thiyagarajan. 5(4): 09-15.

Case Series

How I Treat Anemia

George Zhu. 5(4): 20-27.

Review Article

Regeneration of Pancreas Gland

Maria Lúcia D’Arbo Alves. 5(4): 32-37.