Volume 4 Issue 8


Embryonic and Fetal Adipogenesis

Emilio Herrera. 4(8): 324-325.

Research Article

Rebound Training Modifies Body Composition, Muscular Strength and Bone Health Indicators in Adult Women

Karine Angélica Malysz, Enrico Fuini Puggina, Mari Lúcia Sbardelotto, Daniela Regina Sposito Dias Oliva, Luciano de Oliveira Siqueira and Hugo Tourinho Filho. 4(8): 326-335.

Case Report

Thyrotoxic Periodic Paralysis: A Rare Case of Acute Lower Limb Weakness within the Western World

Alison Gritzner, Gaurav Malhotra and Godwin Simon. 4(8): 343-348.

Review Article

Thyroid Disease during Pregnancy: What Changed with the Recent Guidelines?

Luiza V Fonseca, Marcus J A Vasconcellos and Erika C O Naliato. 4(8): 360-368.

Research Article

Septo-Optic Dysplasia in Saudi Arabia: Clinico-Radiological Characteristics

Doua KH Al-Homyani, Hala GO Khalfallah, Rushaid NA Al-Jurayyan, Bassam Bin-Abbas, Reem A Al-Khalifah and Nasir AM Al-Jurayyan. 4(8): 336-342.

Research Article

Glycosylated Hemoglobin Level at 34 Weeks in Insulin Treated Diabetic Pregnancies: Relation to Fetal Outcome - A Prospective Cohort Study

Zakia M Ibrahim, Eman A Keshk, Omima T Taha, Hassan A Shora, Mohamed M El Sherif and Haitham Kalil. 4(8): 369-375.

Research Article

Identifying the Optimal Waist Circumference Cut-off Point of Metabolic Syndrome among Apparently Healthy Syrian Adults

Zaynab Alourfi, Maria Kadri Al Tourjuman and Younes Kabalan. 4(8): 376-382.