Volume 4 Issue 2

Research Article

Adrenal Incidentalomas- Are We Over Investigating?

G Malhotra, J M Palan, K Stephenson, A Fahey and Godwin Simon. 4(2): 39-43.

Research Article

HIV and Endocrinological Disorders: A Cross Sectional Study in Nepal

Kattel Vivek, Agrawal Yamuna, Sarraf Deependra Prasad, Chhetri Roshan and Maskey Robin. 4(2): 44-52.

Research Article

Hypothyroidism is Associated with Reduced Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate in Saudi Patients. A Retrospective Single Centre Study

Khalid S Aljabri, Samia A Bokhari, Muneera A Alshareef, Patan M Khan, Abdulla M Mallisho, Hesham Abu Alsaoud1, Mohammad Jalal, Rania Safwat, Rehab Borae, Nawaf K Aljabri and Bandari K Aljabri. 4(2): 53-58.

Review Article

The APUD Tumours- Apudomas

Pallab Ghosh, Sukanya Guha, Sreya Mazumder and Sujit K Bhattacharya. 4(2): 59-62.

Short Communication

Obesity, Time of Change…

Miguel Carnero Gregorio. 4(2): 63.

Research Article

Effect of Cowpea Extract on PCNA Expression and BAX/BCL2 Ratio in Mice Epithelial Cells Menopause Model

Hermawan Wibisono, Hendy Hendarto and Pande Made. 4(2): 64-69.