Volume 7 Issue 1

Research Article

Exploration and Practice of Teaching Reform Based on OBE Concept in Internal Medicine

Simin Huang, Dan Wang, Chunting Lu, Jing Yang, Feifei Wang, Yuhong Wen, Andong Fan, Xianjun Meng, Jun Guo and Shengming Liu. 7(1): 03-19.

Review Article

Toxic Substances Encountered and Treated in the Emergency Department

Ahed J Alkhatib, Khaled Abdullah Almutleb, Hussain Brakh Al Harbi, Abdulaziz Mufadhi Mohammed Alanazi. 7(1): 20-25.

Case Report

The Dancing Uncontrollable Heart Rhythm

Surjeet Acharya and Kishalay Datta. 7(1): 26-27.

Case Series

Electroclinical Study of Neonate, Infant and Young Epileptic Patients

Castejón OJ, Castejón EM and Castejón MA. 7(1): 28-40.

Mini Case Study

Frontal Sinus Foreign Body Post Facial Injury

Sarah Bin Hariz, Ibraheem Al Zaabi and Abdulla Al Hmoudi. 7(1): 41-44.