Volume 5 Issue 9


Covid-19 Vaccine Development, Emergency Workflow

Da-Yong Lu and Ting-Ren Lu. 5(9): 23-25.

Research Article

Pedicle Morphology of Lower Thoracic and Lumbar Spine (T10-L5) by Computed Tomography-A Cross-Sectional Study

Vageesh Kumar, Mukhtar Alam Ansari, Sharma Paudel, Santosh Maharjan, Nikesh Bista, Pradeep Raj Regmi and Isha Amatya. 5(9): 26-31.

Research Article

Pre-Hospital Acute Chest Pain Interventions: Factors Influencing Departure Time Limit

Mejri F, Chermiti I, Ghazali H, Keskes S, Mejdoub Y, Daoud R and Souissi S. 5(9): 32-38.

Case Report

Successful Management of Peripartum Cardiomyopathy

Aboud AlJa’bari. 5(9): 47-51.

Short Communication

Workplace Violence among Healthcare Workers: A Review of Causes and Effects

Doaa Allan, Mohammad ALBashtawy, Omar Al Omari, Bayan ALBashtawy, Abdullah Alkhawaldeh, Sa’d ALBashtawy, Mohammad Suliman, Fadi Fawares, Asem Abdalrahim and Zaid ALBashtawy. 5(9): 01-06.