Volume 5 Issue 8

Research Article

Ischemic Time in Traumatic Vascular Injuries: Awareness, Practice, and Challenges in a Southern Nigerian State

Christian Emeka Amadi and Rex Friday Ogoronte A Ijah. 5(8): 02-11.

Research Article

Current Concepts in the Management of Pyogenic Spondylodiscitis: A Narrative Review

John Enekele Onuminya, Dorcas Salime Onuminya and Mutaleeb Ayodele Shobode. 5(8): 12-21.

Research Article

Self-Esteem in Older Adults Integrated to the Grandparent Circle

Norma Guerra Martínez, Ana Ofelia Rodríguez Elías and Rafaela Matos Matos. 5(8): 22-29.

Mini Review

Antibacterial Finishes on Textile Materials with Eucalyptus

N Gokarneshan, B Padma, R Haripriya, AJ Abisha Raju and C Kayalvizhi. 5(8): 39-42.

Mini Review

Neuromuscular Blockade in Mechanical Ventilated Patient (ARDS)- What to Practice

Sanjith Saseedharan and Shalaka Patil. 5(8): 43-45.

Mini Case Study

Moderate/Severe Congestive Heart Failure Exacerbation with Normal BNP Level

David Hana, Marci Shaker and Sandeep Tummala. 5(8): 50-52.


COVID-19 Infection Emergency and Insights

Da-Yong Lu. 5(8): 35-38.


Conflict Environment in the ICU Workplace

Evangelia Michail Michailidou. 5(8): 46-49.


All about Helminths and Anthelmintics

Mohammad Salim. 5(8): 53-56.