Volume 5 Issue 4

Research Article

Comparison between Ultrasound Guided Vs Blind Central Line Insertion and Related Complications

Abdulaziz Osama Al Mufti, Mohammed K Alharbi, Abduljabbar Qurashi, Mohammed Ismail, Ahmed Al Otaibi, Winnie Philip, Ibrahim Abdulmohsen Al Ojaimi, Badr Ahmed Al Shehri, Khalid Faisal Al Zahrani and Abdullah Salem Al Mutairi. 5(4): 20-27.

Review Article

Nanotechnology against COVID-19

Mohsen Mhadhbi and Khalil Khamassi. 5(4): 98-106.

Case Report

Case Reports: A 24-Hour Recovery of Left Ventricular Function After Complete Revascularization in NSTEMI Patient

Mohamed Abdelmalik, Anwar Nabeel Jafri, Tarig Ibrahim Abdelrahman and Ali Saleh Al-shamrani. 5(4): 28-32.

Mini Review

COVID-19 among Palliative Care Patients

Nour Mohammad AL-Rawashdeh, Mohammed AlBashtawy, Abdullah Alkhawaldeh, Bayan AlBashtawy, Abdullah Al-Kazaleh, Suzan Zamzam, Zaid AlBashtawy and Fadi Fawares. 5(4): 01-06.

Research Protocol

Knowledge of Practice in Covid-19 Lands

Halpin AP, Huckabay L and Dixon K. 5(4): 107-111.

Research Article

Magnitude and Maternal Outcome of Postpartum Hemorrhage at Dilchora Referal Hospital in Dire Dawa City Administration

Elbat Mekonnen, Sufian Jeilu, Aliya Nuri and Yared Tekle. 5(4): 42-56.


Organizational Structure and Planning in ICU

Evangelia Michail Michailidou. 5(4): 14-19.

Research Article

Risk Factors Associated with Long-Term Hospitalization COVID-19 Patients in Hadhramout, Yemen 2020

Shouqi Abdullah Al-Akabari, Maryam Hamed Baras, Eidha Ali Bin-Hameed and Tahani Aidroos Al-Afifi. 5(4): 64-70.

Research Article

Some Features of Mine-Explosive Wounds due to Hostilities Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - Combat Drones

Gumeniuk KV, Horoshko VR and Gumeniuk NI. 5(4): 121-127.

Case Report

Covid-19-Induced Myocarditis

Antonenko LP, Nishkumay OI, Kovalenko AA, Rokyta OI, Yurkovskiy AB, Aleksieienko OO, Cherniaieva KI and Ivashyna VO. 5(4): 128-133.