Volume 5 Issue 2

Case Report

Sub Hepatic Appendectomy: A Case Report

ST Ved Bhushan, SC Nadaf and Ahana Bandopadhyay. 5(2): 30-35.

Case Study

Covid, Anxiety or is it Something Else?

Wafa Sharif. 5(2): 52-60.

Research Protocol

How COVID-19 Infection Associates with Cardiovascular Emergency?

Jin-Yu Che, Ting-Ren Lu, Bin Xu and Da-Yong Lu. 5(2): 36-38.

Short Communication

CPAP Use as Ventilator in Covid-19

Mehboob Ur Rahman. 5(2): 24.


The Distribution of Hematological Malignancies in Adult Syrian Refugees Admitted to a Tertiary Center

Funda Pepedil-Tanrikulu, Didar Yanardag-Acik and Mikail Ozdemir. 5(2): 56-57.

Case Report

A Case Report: Intractable Epilepsy in a Child with Alpers-Huttenlocher Syndrome

Khurshid Khan, Layla Al Taryam, Ayesha Shattaf and Muneeza Habib Rehman. 5(2): 17-20.

Case Report

Case Report: Multi Neurological Dysfunction in an NGLY1 Deficiency Disorder

Khurshid Khan Afridi, Amal Al Sherif, Subaiha Al Tunaiji, Bhavna Gupta and Asmaa Nabeel Benshams. 5(2): 21-23.

Research Article

The Search for Prognostic Factors in Critical Care Patients with Covid-19

Lamay Rahman, Iman Abdul-Khaliq, Jaseem Baliyambra, Tarek Hassan, Ahmed El-Desoky, Jitendra Siyani, Chaudry Ali, Shilpa Muthusamy, Mustafa Hamza, Muhammad Younis and Lalith Jayasekera. 5(2): 39-46.

Research Protocol

Sexual Reproductive Health among Young People in Buyende District

Namukose Mwajuma, Amera Claudia and Charles Mudhumba. 5(2): 39.

Short Communication

Stupidity as an Addiction

James F Welles. 5(2): 53.

Mini Review

Intubation Through Retromolar Space: An Analytical Overview

Neeraj Arora, Richu Grover and Pankaj Srivastava. 5(2): 54-56.

Research Article

A Systematic Review: Correlation of Study Habits and Academic Performance of Medical Students

Shama Khan, Javeria Dawar, Palwasha Yasin, Sumaira Abid, Muhammad Hussain, Huma Balqias and Syed Alamdar Hussain. 5(2): 57-64.

Research Article

Pregnant Women with Trichomoniasis in a West African State: A Review

Job Patience Abiye, Aaron Umasoye Udogadi and Karibo George Furo. 5(2): 65-72.

Research Article

Changes in Eating Pattern and Lifestyle of Undergraduate Students in University of Benghazi

Souad F EL-mani, Reima M Mansour, Amna E Abdessamad, Etchomaly A Al-Abbar1, Nour Shallouf1 and Randa Amer. 5(2): 73-83.