Volume 5 Issue 10

Research Article

Triage Nurse - Activity Assessment, Errors Solutions

Horea L. 5(10): 717-725.

Mini Review

Emergency Management of Circulatory Failure

Amr El Naggar. 5(10): 21-28.

Case Report

Complex Inguinoscrotal Hernia Containing the Right Colon, Omentum, Small Intestine and Bladder: About a Case and Review of the Literature

Agounkpe Michel Michael, Byabene Kaduku Gloire, Mkoh Dikao Anne, Natchagande Gille, Muhindo Valimungighe Moise, Hodonou JM Fred, Yevi Magloire DI and Avakoudjo Josué DG. 5(10): 13-17.


The Ethical Basis of Stupidity

James F Welles. 5(10): 09-12.


Cholesterol and Statin Drugs

Holly Fourchalk. 5(10): 69-72.