Volume 4 Issue 2

Guest Editorial

The Role Physio Plays in Urinary Incontinence

Katie Knapton. 4(2): 01-02.

Research Article

Training the Specialists and Subspecialists, Responsive and Respect for Patients’ Family Dignity

Mohsen Savaie, Farhad Soltani and Fereshteh Amiri. 4(1): 01-06.

Review Article

The Impact of Melatonin and Ionizing Radiation on Autophagy in Cancer Cells

Mu-Tai Liu and Russel J Reiter. 4(2): 01-16.

Case Report

Recurrent Massive Pulmonary Embolism Treated by Systemic Thrombolysis

Emídio Jorge Santos Lima, Vanessa Andrade Borges and André Rodrigues Duraes. 4(2): 107-112.

Short Communication

Nurses Sharing their Experiences through Publications

Dorothy Chinwendu Osigwe Chanda. 4(2): 01-02.


“Health Care Worker’s Perceived Competency in Disaster Management” - A Self Assessment Cross Sectional Survey

Nishan Kunnummal Purayil, Carl Shultz, Vamanjore Aboobaker Naushad, Prem Chandra, Osama Mohammad Hashim, Firjeet Paramba, Naseem Ambra and Sajid Chalihadhan. 4(2): 01-16.

Research Article

The Health Benefits in the Use of Solar Energy for Sustainable Development in Nigeria

Chioma Ajator, Benjamin Anabaraonye and Beatrice Ewa. 4(2): 01-06.

Research Article

The Effect of Heat on those Exposed to Hot and Humid Environment and their Awareness Regarding Heat Related Illness

Firjeeth C Paramba, Hany Ebeid, Osama H Mohammed, Vamanjore A Naushad, Nishan K Purayil, Naseem Ambra and Silas Benjamin. 4(2): 01-13.

Research Article

Global No-Flow Ischemia and Chemical Stress Condition Effects on D-3-hydroxybutyrate and Glucose Utilization in the Isolated Perfused Heart

Abdurazzaq Mohammed Sultan, Qusai A Sultan, Abdulwahab H Bin Melaih, Tareq H Al Kaabi and Belal S Barogaan. 4(2): 01-15.