Volume 4 Issue 12

Research Article

Protein C Level and Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time in Neonatal Sepsis

Albara Ahmed, Babiker Mohammed, Abdelhalim Nasr, Wafa Elhag, Awadelkareem Abass and Mosab Nouraldein Mohammed Hamad. 4(12): 07-11.

Systematic Review

A Contemporary Systematic Review of Systematic Reviews on the Safety and Efficacy of the Pharmacological Treatments of COVID-19

Shafi U Bhuhiyan, Housne A Begum, Salma M Amarin, Sanchit Kharwal, Shaimaa M Kandil, Sumra Latif and Yasmine M Shalaby. 4(12): 58-73

Research Article

Measurement of Flexion of a Tracheal Catheter after Intubation with X-Ray

Zhang Zhi-ming, Zeng Bin, Zhang An-sheng and Chen Xia. 4(12): 01-06.

Research Article

Blood Transfusion Guided by Physiological Markers

Mario A Rodríguez Domínguez, Ana Maria Espinosa-Galindo, Luis Javier Marfil-Rivera and Dionisio Palacios-Ríos. 4(12): 01-06.

Case Report

Accidental Hydrofluoric Ingestion

Alyssa Sexton, Richard Cousino, Gregory Reinhold and Patrick Bruss. 4(12): 25-28.

Case Study

Approaches in Epidemiologic Case Study

Lisa Marie Portugal. 4(12): 45-48.

Research Article

A Systematic Scoping Review of Cancer Patients’ Treatment during the COVID‐19 Pandemic

Shafi U Bhuiyan, Housne Begum, Afsheen Rizwan, Amandeep Thakur, Ammar Al-Douri, Christine Arquero, Edith Quintanilla and Muhammed Awlad Hussain. 4(12): 34-44.

Research Article

Avoiding Defensive Medicine among Pandemic

Xu Chen. 4(12): 49-53.

Mini Review

A Study of Janpadodhvamsa W.S.R. to Epidemiology

Shalu Jain, Roshani Verma and Umesh Shukla. 4(12): 12-19.