Volume 4 Issue 11


Mathematic Tools for Epidemiologic Researches

Efraín Sánchez González and Fé Fernández Hernández. 4(11): 65-67.

Research Article

Predictive Factors of Functional Outcome after Acute Stroke in Emergency Department

Hanen Ghazali, Maroua Mabrouk, Ines Chermiti, Amira Bakir, Montassar Bhouri and Sami Souissi. 4(11): 76-82.

Review Article

Updates Emergency Ischemic Chest Pain

Adel Hamed Elbaih, Gamela M Nasr, Alaa El Din M El Kasabi and Hossam H Yussef. 4(11): 12-47.

Case Report

Toddler Bite Leading to Mother’s Death

Sarmad Pandith, Kamal Preet Palta and Sukhpreet Singh. 4(11): 103-106.

Case Report

Wunderlich Syndrome - A Rare Cause of Hypovolemic Shock

Jaroslaw Nowacki. 4(11): 68-75.

Short Communication

Keto-Budwig Diet Starves Cancer in 6 Weeks

Lloyd Jenkins. 4(11): 17-18.

Case Report

Aortic Dissection. Case Report

Táňa Bulikova, V Dobias and J Hodosy. 4(11): 01-09.