Volume 3 Issue 9

Review Article

Lower Member Amputation by Diabetic Foot in Patients Attended at the University School Hospital, 2018

Oscar Fawed Ortega Reyes, Dely Milagro Castillo Santos, David Armando Servellón Lanza, Salomón Elí Melgar Romero, Indira Ximena Flores Milla and Stephany Patricia Sandoval Murillo. 3(9): 503-506.

Review Article

Morning Vs Evening Exercises: Which Gives A Better Outcome?

WMMS Bandara and AJIS Rathnayake. 3(9): 601-609.

Review Article

Recent Advances in Burns Critical Care

Muhammad Haroon, Rana Imran Sikander, Uzma Feyyaz Qazi, Muhammad Bilal-e-Habshi, Syed Muneeb Ali, Salman Shafi Koul, Asher, Bilal Hassan, Maimoona and Usman Ali. 3(9): 650-671.

Case Report

Hypophosphatemia in Intensive Care Unit: An Unusual Cause of Respiratory Failure (About a Case)

Ibtissam Malajati, Boubaker Charra, Hanane Ezzouine and Abdeltif Benslama. 3(9): 515-517.

Case Report

Chilaiditi’s Syndrome with Pneumobilia in a Patient in the Emergency Department: A Case Report

Gavrila Vasile, Carstea Alexandru Nicolae, Filip Gabriela and Gavrila Rodica Daniela. 3(9): 518-521.

Mini Review

HIV and What You Should Know About It

Omotayo Faith Olanrewaju. 3(9):599-600.

Mini Review

Impact of Medicine Prices on Economic, Clinical and Health Related Outcomes

Anantha Naik Nagappa, Neenu Thomas and Vaishnavi Naik. 3(9): 629-632.

Mini Review

The Nasal Septum in Facial Injuries

Alexander Kutubidze. 3(9): 686-692.

Thematic Article

A Tale of Two Patients in ICU

Muhammad Haroon. 3(9): 635-638.

Complementary Article

The Seboblastic Propagation: Sebaceous Hyperplasia

Anubha Bajaj. 3(9): 672-680.


Emergency Airway Management: Learning and Training

Flores González Jesús, Álvarez López Jorge and Oviedo Zampaña M Rocío. 3(9): 715-716.