Volume 3 Issue 6

Review Article

A Mask is not a Cure

Andrew Hague. 3(6): 317-326.

Case Report

The Great Value of Holistic Approach of Transcranial U/S in Management of Stroke in Emergency Room

Walid Shibl, Saeed Al Mekki, Mazen Al Zair and Suzan M Abd El Meguid. 3(6): 327-336.


What Healthcare can Learn from Mr. Rogers

Nancy Michaels. 3(6): 337-339.

Case Report

Bipolar Disorder after Traumatic Brain Injury: Ethiopian Perspective

Elias Tesfaye and Selamawit Alemayehu. 3(6): 340-345.

Review Article

Emergency Medical Help and Role of Emergency Physicians

Siniša Franjić. 3(6): 349-354.

Research Article

Procalcitonin and Lactic Acid: A Review of Predictive Value in Septic Patients

Eden Jones, Jake Benowitz, Andrine Swensen, Monica Schmidt and Daniel Feinstein. 3(6): 362-373.

Short Communication

Patient and Family in the Intensive Care Unit

Sajida Sboui. 3(6): 374-376.

Mini Review

To Some, Knife can Give Keloid

PD Gupta. 3(6): 377-379.

Research Article

Burn Injuries Prevalence, Causes, Complications and Improvement in Northern Saudi Arabia

Anwar Ayed Alanazi, Alanoud Shafyan Alanazi, Mona Salah F Alanazi, Nouf Ayed Alenezi, Fatima Abutaleb Qaisy, Abeer Mohammed Ali Asiri, Maram Hamad Saad Albugami and Basmah Ibrahim Albalawi. 3(6): 383-393.

Case Report

The Headache after Spinal Anesthesia is Not Always Innocent!

Handan Çiftçi, Yavuz Katirci, F Alper Ayyildiz, Yasemin Yilmaz Aydın, Dilber Üçöz Kocasaban, Sevilay Vural and Figen Coskun. 3(6): 394-397.

Case Report

Obstructive Uropathy in Solitary Functioning Kidney

Musab Umair Khalid. 3(6): 405-407.

Case Report

The Value of Doppler Study of Central Retinal Artery in Diagnosis of Increased ICP

Walid M Shibl, Ali Almubarak and Ali Mohamed Al Saihati. 3(6): 408-415.

Research Article

Factors Contributing to Maternal Mortality in a Tertiary Health Institution in Akwa Ibom State, South-South Nigeria: A Ten-Year Review

Jane N Anikpe, Ebenezer O Daniel, Oladapo M OLagbegi and Paul O Abiodun. 3(6): 416-422.