Volume 3 Issue 11


Heart and Brain Stroke, a Paramount Task for Emergency Medication

Da-Yong Lu, Ying Shen and Bin Xu. 3(11): 785.

Research Article

Impact of Chest Physical Therapy Modalities on Total Leucocyte Count and Body Temperature in Mechanically Ventilated Patients

Maged A Meawad, Akram Abd El Aziz, Hany E Obaya, Abir Zakaria, Mohamed Kamel Abd El Hamid and Mohamed Ali AA Meawad. 3(11): 804-810.

Research Article

Intraoperative Management of a Patient Undergoing Cardiac Surgery in Sao Luis Public Hospitals in Brazil versus to that Seen at an Isolated Cardiac Institute in Tanzania: A Comparative Study between Centers of Middle and Low-Income Countries

Evarist TM Nyawawa, Nina VJS, Ferreira EC, Marath A, Assef MAS, Manzano NEC, Molina OR, Mohamed J, Nyangassa BJ, Evans EN, Shonyera F, Triphone, Luchemba R, Lujani H, Angela S, Faraji, Lugazia E, Mwasaga F, Lukonge S, Wandwi WBC and Delila K. 3(11): 825-832.

Research Article

Intractable Hematuria when the Chips are Down Treatment Options (Review)

Muhammad Ujudud Musa, Sharfuddeen Abbas Mashi and Bashir Yunusa. 3(11): 820-824.

Case Report

Traumatic Rupture of an Intracranial Dermoid Cyst: An Extremely Rare Diagnosis in the Emergency Room

Nour Elhouda Nouira, Dorra Chtourou, Intissar Boussaid, Badr Ferjaoui, Wided Bahria and Dhekra Hamdi. 3(11): 56-59.

Review Article

Critical Illness and Altered Metabolism: Lessons from Theory

Sanjith Saseedharan. 3(11): 07-09.

Research Article

Aggressivity in Children with Hyperexcitability and Attention Deficit (ADHD). A Clinical and Qualitative Study

Castejón OJ, Galindez P, Torres IA, Villasmil A, Grumbaum E and Salones de Castejón M. 3(11): 01-06.

Research Article

6-Amino-5-Bromouracil Delays the Onset of Toxicity of Cerastes cerastes Venom in Albino Mice

Halima A Gbaj, Inass A Sadawe, Nisreen H Meiqal, Salah M Bensaber, Abdulathim A A Alshoushan, Massaud Salem Maamar, Anton Hermann and Abdul M Gbaj. 3(11): 811-819.

Case Report

Over Sedation After Mirtazapine Ingestion and a Workup in a Comatose Patient: A Case Report

Ibrahim Mungan, Derya Ademoglu, Müçteba Can, Çilem Bayindir Dicle, Sema Turan and Dilek Kazanci. 3(11): 60-63.

Research Article

The Effect of Health Education to Caregivers of Children with Asthma Seen in the Paediatric Emergency Department (PED)

Harvinderjit Kaur, Chong Mei Chan, Anna Marie and Mohd Idzwan b Zakaria. 3(11): 79-85.

Research Article

Histoarchitecture of the Germinal Epithelium of Cyanide Treated Rats

Laoye BJ, Ishola AO, Mabayoje SO, Ogunlade BO and Olajuyigbe AB. 3(11): 14-20.

Research Article

GC-MS Volatile Phytochemicals Profile of Argemone mexicana Leaves Methanol Extract

MB Magaji, Y Haruna, AU Birnin-Yauri, AA Tijani, BJ Awogbemi, OT Alake, TO Akinola and B Ita 3(11): 103-106.

Mini Review

Brain Stroke Treatment, Emergency Importance

Da-Yong Lu, Ying Shen and Bin Xu. 3(11): 115-117.

Research Article

Awareness of Hepatitis B among Ombada Community Population in 2017, Sudan, Khartoum

Iman Mohamed Zein Mohamed Elbashir. 3(11): 86-92.


Pranacharyya: The Saviour of Life

Dilip Kr Goswami. 3(11): 113-114.

Research Article

Where should we Place Fluid Filled Transducers for Accurate Measurement of Invasive Pressures?

Sanjith Saseedharan and Vaijanti Kadam. 3(11): 38-41.

Case Report

Sweet Tooth Hypertension

Ali MFM, Alabdouli A and Jaiganesh T. 3(11): 01-02.

Case Report

Atypical Presentation of Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura in a Patient with Elevated Troponin Level in an Emergency Room and Critical Care Unit Setting

Arian Bethencourt, Daylin Rodriguez, Dalie Ortet, Gustavo Ferrer and Nicholas A Kerna. 3(11): 129-136.

Case Report

Spontaneous Pneumothorax Revealing a Lung Cancer, Case Report and Literature Review

Yassine Smiti, Abdelilah Ghannam, Yousra Benkiran, Brahim El Ahmadi and Zakaria Belkhadir. 3(11): 01-05.

Research Article

Benefits of Nausea Vomiting Scales in Practice- A Research Study

Angela P Halpin and Loucine Huckcbay. 3(12): 01-11.

Research Article

Trends and Correlates of Non-Vaginal Mode of Delivery in Nigeria: A 23-Year Analysis of Nationally Representative Data

Adeyinka Onikan, Godson Tudeme, Samson Olorunju, Kayode R Fowobaje and Michael Ekholuenetale. 3(11): 118-128.