Volume 3 Issue 10

Guest Editorial

Emergency Physician Could Address Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Piryani Rano Mal and Piryani Suneel. 3(10): 738-739.

Case Study

Malaria in a Patient with Undiagnosed Severe Mitral Stenosis: A Case Report

Jean Pierre Sibomana, Adeline Mugeni, Sylvain Habarurema and Claude Gakumba. 3(10): 705-710.

Case Report

Lambl's Excrescences: A Case Report and Literature Review

Alessia Lopardo, Amos Cosimo Cocola, Marco Galliani, Innocenzo Bertoldi, Fausta Martire, Alessia Fiorani, Germano Scevola, Paolo Nardi, Cosimo Commisso, Marina Mustilli, Shakib Ziyada. 3(10): 740-744.

Mini Review

Violence against Doctors: A Rising Trend

Gurmeet Singh Sarla. 3(10): 639-643.

Research Article

Characterization of Antioxidant Activity Present in Methanol Extract Argemone mexicana Leaf

Y Haruna, MB Magaji and A Muhammad. 3(10): 796-803.

Research Article

Clinical Profile of Recurrent Primary Spontaneous Pneumothorax Patients Presenting in Emergency at a Tertiary Care Hospital

Mudassir Ahmad Khan, Hilal Ahmad Bhat, Saima Nanda, Naveed Khan, Mir Fahiem ul Hassan, Zaheer Ahmed, Mohammad Akbar Bhat and Abdul Majeed Dar. 3(10): 745-751.

Case Report

Amitraz - An Opiod and Organophosphorus Poison Mimic

Aditi S Patankar and ND Karnik. 3(10): 711-714.