Volume 2 Issue 4

Case Report Best Article of the Issue

Test the Ischemic Atrial Fibrillation with Oxygen Therapy, a Case Report

Yasser Mohammed Hassanain Elsayed. 2(4): 114-120.

Review Article

Massive Gastrointestinal Bleeding in the Emergency Department

María Camila Arango-Granados and Virginia Zarama. 2(4): 121-131.

Case Report

Retinal Bleeding Asssociated with Aplastic Anemia: Case Report

Halil Dogan, Rumeysa Busra Dogan and Ozan Sonbahar. 2(4): 132-135.

Review Article

Clinical Audits are Critical for the Care in Emergency Department

Piryani Rano Mal and Piryani Suneel. 2(4): 136-140.


Mind the Moment While Working in the Emergency Room

Patricia Lynn Dobkin. 2(4): 141-145.