Volume 8 Issue 2

Research Article

Comparison of the Confidence Level of Final Year Dental Students in General Practice between two Saudi Dental Colleges in Riyadh

Baidas LF, Al-Hussyeen AA, Alblowi AA, Alshehri RTH and Al-Turki OY. 8(2): 38-47.

Research Article

National Survey of the Oral Health Status of School Children in Dubai, UAE

Shiamaa Shihab Al Mashhadani, Tareq Al Khoory, Nadia M Saleh, Khaled Fargali, Retty Mathew and Nisreen Al Qasem. 8(2): 48-58.


Early Childhood Caries: A Global Epidemic

Megha Gupta. 8(2): 59-60.

Research Article

Staining Potential of Different Coffee Products Available in the Saudi Market on Resin Based Composite Restoration

Felwah Fahad Al-Thunian, Lama Adel Raqban, Ebtihal Ali Alsadah, Duaa Yousef Nunu, Abdulrahman Dahham Al Saffan and Roula Albounni. 8(2): 61-66.

Research Article

Bacterial Plaque around Dental Implant in Smoking and Non Smoking

Mohamed A Aljalal. 8(2): 79-82.