Volume 7 Issue 2


Fluoride and the Water Supply

Robert L Karlinsey. 7(2): 64-65.

Research Article

Dentin Bond Strength of Universal Adhesive Systems under Different Strategies: Self-Etch (SE) and Etch-and-Rinse (ER)

Yasmine de Carvalho Sousa, Viviane Afonso Mergulhão, Carlos Canto, Paulo Torban, André Felipe Alves Figueiroa and Rodivan Braz. 7(2): 66-72.

Research Article

Do Bulk- Fill Flowable Composites Reinforce Weakened Roots?

Rodivan Braz, Viviane Afonso Mergulhão, Paulo Torban, Leonardo José Rodrigues de Oliveira, Mônica Albuquerque, Marcos Vinícius de Souza Luna Alves and Mabel Yazmín Suárez Peña. 7(2): 73-81.

Research Article

Neuro-Occlusal Rehabilitation: Therapeutic by Direct and Indirect Tracks

Amel Belkhiri and Latifa Zenati. 7(2): 82-91.

Review Article

Catheter Based Local Analgesia for the Fractured Mandible

M Salker, D Hammond, S Olaore and P Grime. 7(2): 92-94.

Research Article

The Effect of Alka-White Mint and Alka-White Turmeric on the Oral Cavity

Sameer Atrash and Lewis Gross. 7(2): 95-100.