Volume 6 Issue 4

Review Article

Psychosomatic Dentistry. A Review

Tibor Karoly Fabian. 6(4): 1350-1357.

Research Article

Education and Assessment of Dental Students’ Interpersonal Skills and its Relevance in Dentistry

Jameela Haq, Hiba Abdulhadi, Roba Nassif, Rouba Daghistani, Yasmeen Dweik, Manal Awad. 6(4): 1358-1367.

Research Article

A Comparative Study of Microorganisms Adhered to Different Surfaces of Complete Dentures

Arati Sharma, Bidhan Shrestha, Prakash K Parajuli, Pramita Suwal and Raj K Singh. 6(4): 1368-1375.

Research Article

A New Technique for Obtaining Platelet Rich in Growth Factors (PRP). A Descriptive Study in 25 Patients to Repair Alveolar Dent and Comparison with Others Procedures Published in Literature

Alcaraz Rubio Jesús, Sánchez López Juana María, Oliver Iguacel Antonio, Usón Edmundo, Lara Francisco and Martínez Soriano Ignacio. 6(4): 1376-1383.