Volume 5 Issue 5

Research Article

Mandibular Ameloblastoma: Management and Therapeutic Problems (About 20 Cases)

Tahiri Ilias, Lekhbal Adil, Rouadi Sami, Abada Reda Lah, Roubal Mohamed and Mohamed Mahtar. 5(5): 1159-1164.

Clinical Image

What We Know About “Life in Jaw Bones”?

Elena Mokhireva. 5(5): 1165-1173.

Research Article

Stress Analysis of Two Attachment Types for Implant-Supported Overdentures in Hemimandibulectomy Cases

Seham Ali Sabra, Mohammad Zakaria Nassani, Kusai Baroudi, Hussein Gamil El Charkawi and Gehan Fekry Mohamed. 5(5): 1174-1181.

View Point

Attention Dental Chickens!!

Susan R Cushing. 5(5): 1192-1194.