Volume 3 Issue 2

Research Article

Severity and Bidirectional Link between Periodontal Disease and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Saudi Patients

Abdel fattah AH, Al-Ghamdi FA and Yousef SI. 3(2): 464-471.

Review Article

Orthodontic Considerations Prior to Ceramic Veneers Placement: An Updated Review

Amjad Al Taki, Omar Othman, Maha Hassan and Reem Sh Abdelrahman. 3(2): 472-482.

Research Article

Bio-Active Nano Diamond Designer Materials and Dentures: From Design to Application

V Tamara Perchyonoka, John Souzab, Shengmiao Zhangc, Desigar Moodleyd and Sias Groblerd. 3(2): 483-495.

Mini Review

Non Surgical Treatment of TMJ Dislocation

Essam Soussa and Magued Fahmy. 3(2): 496-500.

Mini Review

Ethical Considerations For A Multicenter Research

Navdeep Kaur and Daniel Kandelman. 3(2): 501-505.