Volume 20 Issue 6

Research Article

Significance of Hypnosis in the Treatment of TMD

Yasser Khaled, Damien Nelson, Marjorey Razdolsky and Annamarie Ciancio.

Review Article

The Benefits of Using the Chemo-Mechanical Caries Removal System and the Mechanism of Action. (Review Article)

Abdulrhman Zaher Ghoneim, Ahmad Bassam Zaaza, Halabia G Mohamednour and Ahmed Mohamed Elmarakby.

Review Article

PRF: A Boon in Periodontal Therapy

Banashree Baishya Swain, Naina Pattnaik and Saumyashree Mahapatra.

Case Report

Use of Non-Rigid Connectors to Counteract the Flexure of the Mandible in a Long Span Bridge Crossing the Midline: A Review of Concepts and Case Report

Ritu Mohindra, Pradeep Kumar Pandey, Mehtaab Singh Bhatia, Neha Jaiswal, Divyajot Kulbhaskar, Pallavi Srivastava and Dipti Singh.

Case Series

Simplified Method of Schilder’s Root Canal Technique: A Case Series

Hirotaka Kubokura, Rebecca Tsai, Shigemi Ishikawa-Nagai and Jarshen Lin.

Case Series

Indirect Ceramic Restoration Repair Technique in the Aesthetic Zone: Report of 2 Cases

Aristidis Galiatsatos and Panagiotis Galiatsatos.