Volume 20 Issue 5

Research Article

The Impact of COVID-19 Prevalence and its Infection Control Measures on Clinical Practice and the Knowledge of Oral Mucosa Alterations of Some Dental Students of King Khalid University

Mohammed MA Abdullah Al-Abdaly, Faisal Saeed Mohammed Alhaid, Ali Hosain Ali Alqahtani and Rayan Mansour Mezher.

Research Article

Challenges in Population based Cancer Screening in India - A Pilot Study

Punith Shetty, Aiswarya Lakshmi, Arpan Debnath, Ranjith M George, Chethana Thirthahalli, Radhika B Kulakarni and Roomani Srivastava.

Research Article

An In Vitro Assessment of the Antifungal Efficacy of Two Commercially Available Soft Denture Liners Modified with Silver Zinc Zeolite Nanoparticles

Amanda Nadia Ferreira, Kathleen D’Souza, Meena Aras, Vidya Chitre, Shobha Parsekar and Maria Jose Pinto.

Research Article

Nutritional Status Evaluation of Edentulous Patients at Pre- and Post-Insertion of Complete Denture: A Before and After Comparison Groups Study

Pradeep Kumar Pandey, Awadhesh Kumar Singh, Arvind Kumar Singh, Ritu Mohindra, Abhishek Katiyar and Sudhanshu Agrawal.

Research Article

Tomographic Assessment of Collagen Matrix and Connective Tissue Graft for the Treatment of Peri-Implant Defects in Humans

Gislaine Fernandes Felipe Garcia, Rafael Manfro, Vilton Zimmermann de Souza, Rodrigo Otávio Melim Passoni, Emily Schoerenberger and Júlio César Joly.

Research Article

Evaluation of Effect of T-PRF Over L-PRF as an Adjunct to the Bone Graft (DFDBA) in the Treatment of Intra Bony Defects - A Randomized Controlled Clinical and Radiographic Trial

Palaparthy Raja Babu, Raghaveena Ingle, Suryakanth Malgikar, Vidya Sagar S, Juliet Josephin J and Abhinav Atchuta.

Review Article

A Stepwise Approach towards Planning of Removable Partial Denture Frameworks

Meena A Aras, Manjita M Parab and Kennedy Mascarenhas.

Case Report

Minimally Invasive “IPG-Det Technique” with Autologous CGF and Human Umbilical Cord Blood Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells towards Posterior Atrophic Maxilla Reconstruction - Case Report

Ioannis P Georgakopoulos, Vasileios Ntontoulos, Panagiotis G Georgakopoulos, Aggelos-Taxiarchis Georgakopoulos, Stavros Tsantis, Edit Xhanjanka, Athanasios Kossyvakis, Dora Dailiana, Gianna Dipalma and Francesco Inchingolo.

Case Report

Amelogenesis Imperfecta - A Case Report

Devishree V Rai, Kruthika S Guttal and Krishna N Burde.

Case Report

Maxillary Reconstruction with the Use of CGF Combined with the Simultaneous Use of Stem Cells CD34 and Bone Graft: “IPG-DET Technique”

Georgiou Michelle, Zafeiri Triantafyllio, Nikolaou Lampidona, Patronelli Alba, Georgakopoulos Ioannis, Xhanjanka Edit, Georgakopoulos Panagiotis, Inchingolo Francesco, Georgakopoulos Angelos Taxiarchis and Dipalma Gianna.


Why Migrate to Digital?

Patricia Uribe.