Volume 19 Issue 7


Tele-Dentistry: The Ultimate Panacea during Covid-19

Amar Bhochhibhoya and Rejina Shrestha.

Mini Review

Flap’s Design about Surgical Treatment of Impacted Teeth

Cardarelli Angelo and Arun K Garg.

Case Report

Prosthodontics Management to Stabilize the Floating Mandibular Denture

Binoo Verma, S V Singh, Ritu Sharma and Arpit Sikri

Research Article

Features of the Organization of Comprehensive Rehabilitation of Children with Dentoalveolar Anomalies

Eliza Saidovna Tutusheva, Marina Yakovlena Abramova and Mohammad Masoudian Khouzani

Research Article

Does the Dental School Environment Help Increasing Student Smoking?

Fawaz Alhoudy, Mohammed Khawaji, Abdulmajeed Alqahtani, Abdullah Almane and Ahmed Alomar.

Research Article

Oral Cancer Awareness among Smokeless Tobacco (Toombak) Dippers

Amel Eltayeb and B Elhussein.

Review Article

Fiber-Post and Core: Some Clinical Considerations

Al Saad Mona J and Bakalka Ghaida T.

Review Article

A Literature Review on Suitability of Dental Tech Implant Oral Systems

Trad Turki Toumeh, Yaman Felfli and Merin Mathew.

Review Article

Overview of Different Options for Dental Pulp Therapy: A Systematic Review

Hatem Faisal Bajnaid, Rayif Jazaa Alanazi, Nouf Saad Suliman, Saad Saleh Alamri, Eman Ali Alhabib, Nouf Naif Alquthami, Ranad Abdulkareem Alghamdi, Duaa Hamed Alrajhi, Naif Awdhah Alzahrani, Nujud Awadh Alharbi and Fatimah Mohammad Alamri. .