Volume 18 Issue 6


Past and Present of Regeneration in Endodontics

Shahnaz Nabi. 18(6): 1089-1090.

Research Article

A Newly Proposed Quantitative Codification of the Principles of Classification Partial Edentulism

Loto Adolphus Odogun, Adenuga-Taiwo OA, Awotile Adenike Ololade and Menakaya Ifeoma Nkirika. 18(6): 1091-1103.

Research Article

Oral Cancer Awareness and Screening Perception among Dental Patients in Karachi, Pakistan

Afshan Aziz, Saima Akram, Madiha Pirvani, Sanam Tauheed, Tooba Qaisar Sheikh and Shoaib Khan. 18(6): 1104-1108.

Research Article

Age Related Assessment of Bone Loss of Orthodontic Patients with Panoramic Radiograph

Siddharth Mehta, Deepak Singhal, Kamal Bajaj, Esha Nagpal, Shantanu Sharma, Kimi Mittal and Vikas Jharwal. 18(6): 1109-1113.

Research Article

Effect of Silanated and Non-Silanated Glass Fiber on the Impact and Flexural Strength of Acrylic Denture Base

Quassem AM, Baraka Y, Helaly AO and Shoeib MA. 18(6): 1114-1120.

Research Article

Scanning Electron Microscope Evaluation of Dentinal Tubules Penetration of Three Different Root Canal Sealers

Bassem M Eid, Ahmed S Waly, Philomine Princy and Ramesh Venkatesan. 18(6): 1121-1127.

Research Article

Surface Treatment of Lithium Disilicate with Different Concentrations of Hydrofluoric Acid and Orthophosphoric Acid

Vidal Ponsoda Carla, Utrilla Trinidad Mario and Souza Andrade Joana. 18(6): 1128-1137.

Research Article

Influence of Oral Status on Cardiovascular Disease in Saudi Population

Taha M Masood, Lina F Mengari, Tamara A AlJawi, Ayman H Alothmani, Lara A AlJawi and Khalid A Batterjee. 18(6): 1138-1141.

Research Article

Ultrasonic Evaluation of Autologous Fat Injection to Face and Neck

Ahmad Fayez Ahmad, Hekmat Yacoub and Michel Betros. 18(6): 1142-1149.

Research Article

Squamous Odontogenic Tumour: Clinicopathologic Analysis of a Rare Entity

Adetayo Aborisade Olujide Soyele. 18(6): 1150-1156.

Research Article

Cross-polarization OCT Assessment of Dentin Interface with Combinations of Adhesives and Composites

Turki A Bakhsh, Halah M Alturkstani, Razan N Alharbi, Hind J Alrefai, Tahani O Badeeb, Nour H Altouki, Ahmed O Jamleh and Ehab N Alshouibi. 18(6): 1157-1170.

Research Article

The Effect of Periodontal Treatment on HbA1c Levels in Diabetic Patients - A Systematic Review

Hasan Alalawi, Mohammed Hakmi, Mansour Joharji, Basil Alghamdi, Haider Alkhlifah and Rakan S Shaheen. 18(6): 1171-1180.

Review Article

“From Brain to Dentistry”: Oral Psychosomatic Disorders-A Review

Chaithra Kalkur, Atul Sattur and Kruthika S Guttal. 18(6): 1189-1196.

Literature Review

Newer Morphological Classification System - The Insight In Periodontics’

Shivani Sachdeva, MB Phadnaik, Harish Saluja, Amit Mani and Nilofar Attar. 18(6): 1197-1206.

Research Article

Determination of Salivary Alkaline Phosphatase and β Glucuronidase in Treated Periodontal Disease Patients

Myriam A Koss, Cecilia E Castro, Santiago Martínez Guarnieri and Diego Hermosilla. 18(6): 1225-1231.

Research Article

Anesthetization of the Palatal Soft Tissue for the Extraction of the Maxillary Teeth through Buccal Infiltration alone Using Articaine 4%- A Prospective Study

Sreejith VP, Shermil Sayd, Prashanth Panicker, Arjun Gopinath, Abhishek PT and Madhuri Sunil. 18(6): 1253-1259.

Research Article

Assessment of Temporomandibular Dysfunction and Stress in Moroccan Dental Students

Farid Bourzgui, Hajar benlabsir, Zineb Serhier, Samir Diouny and Mohamed Bennani Othmani. 18(6): 1260-1269.

Review Article

The Association of Nutrition with Oral Health in Children

Mohammad Karimi D.M.D and B.S. 18(6): 1270-1277.

Case Series

Endodontic Management of Radix Entomolaris in Mandibular First Molar - Case Series

Sarjeev Singh Yadav, M Nagarjun, B Manasa, Poojitha bhavana and Juluri Dushyanth. 18(6): 1278-1282.

Case Report

Retreatment of a Severe Skeletal Class III Following Iatrogenic Orthodontic Treatment

Francisco Martino, Manuel Peña and Rony Joubert. 18(6): 1291-1301.

Review Article

Computer Guided Implant Surgery: Is It a Holistic Solution?

Sara M Zayed. 18(6): 1302-1312.

Review Article

Host Modulation Therapy- An Adjunctive Treatment Modality

Vaidehi N Patil, Suyog Dharmadhikari, Devanand Shetty, Arvind Shetty, Snehal Amberkar and Apoorva Mhatre. 18(6): 1313-1319.

Review Article

Advances in Rotary Endodontics in Pediatric Dentistry

Trushana K Thakkar, Shilpa Naik and Kiran Ghule. 18(6): 1320-1330.

Review Article

Vitamin B9 and Health

JA Von Fraunhofer. 18(6): 1331-1335.

Review Article

2 - 5 Years Survival Rate of Patients Treated for Oral Squamous Cell carcinoma: A Systematic Review

Annapurna K Dhanurkar, Mahesh chavan, Digambar Sable and Vikram Khare. 18(6): 1336-1342.


Research Dissemination

Emad Khan. 18(6): 1343-1344.

Mini Review

Influence of Some Potential Risk Factors on Dental Therapy in Elderly Patients

Ćatović Adnan, Ćatović Džana and Ćatović Dina. 18(6): 1345-1348.

Conceptual Paper

Darwin was very Wrong

Jan Wade Gilbert. 18(6): 1349-1351.

Short Communication

Pain, Inflammation and Infection: A Daily Challenge in Every Clinical Practice; Role for Lasers?

Mark Cronshaw, Sonia Bordin Aykroyd and Edward Lynch. 18(6): 1352-1353.


Maxillary Sinusitis of Endodontic Origin - Needs more attention!

Rajiv Khode and Kanchan Wadekar. 18(6): 1354.