Volume 17 Issue 9


Some Important Facts about the Periodontal Disease

Ambarkova Vesna. 17(9): 1475-1478.

Research Article

Assessing the Incidence and Course of Mandibular Retromolar Canal Using Cone Beam Computed Tomography in Indian Sub-Population- A Retrospective Study

Pratik Malusare, Amita Navalkar, Deepa Das, Bhakti Patil Soman and Siddhi Sali. 17(9): 1479-1484.

Review Article

Adverse Effect of The Application of Chlorhexidine on A Self-Etch Calcium Dependent Adhesive

Roberto Tello Torres, Gustavo Huertas Mogollón, Jason Cáceres Monzon, Paolo Bragagnini Ramos and Carlo André Aguirre Becerra. 17(9): 1485-1489.

Case Report

Full Mouth Rehabilitation of a Class II Div 1 Malocclusion Patient - A Multidisciplinary Approach

Bhushan Kumar, Chetan P Patil, A Navin Kumar and Prabhdeep Kaur Sandhu. 17(9): 1490-1497.

Research Article

Computerized Method for Osteoporotic Texture Separation from Mandibular Bones Observed in Digital Orthopantomogram Using Unsupervised Machine Learning Technique

Anjali Naik, Shubhangi Tikhe, Sadashiv Bhide, KP Kaliyamurthie and S Prakash. 17(9): 1498-1502.

Case Report

Naso-Sinus Extension of a Large Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma

Laababsi Rabii, Allouane Mohamed Amine, El Harti Lahcen, Mennouni Mohamed Amine, Rouadi Sami, Abada Reda Lah, Roubal Mohamed and Mohamed Mahtar. 17(9): 1503-1507.

Research Article

Investigation of the In Vitro Antibacterial Effects of Different Toothpastes and Fluoride Gels: An In Vitro Study

Sinem Birant, Mine Koruyucu, Nursen Topcuoglu, Guven Kulekci and Figen Seymen. 17(9): 1508-1514.


American Dentistry: On the Edge, the Dangerous Edge

Jan Wade Gilbert. 17(9): 1515-1516.

Conceptual Paper

Dentistry and Oral Health

Begoña Moreno, Javier Cuéllar, Maximiliano Muñoz, Daniel Veloso and Julio Villanueva. 17(9): 1517-1518.


Mindfulness Full Attention in Dentistry

Mario Utrilla Trinidad and Helga Mediavilla Ibañez. 17(9): 1519-1522.

Research Article

Uptake and Metabolism of Folate among Dental Pulp-Derived Stem Cells

Maria Leake, Brandon Saxe, Kristi Agari, John Silvaroli and Karl Kingsley. 17(9): 1523-1530.

Case Report

Guided Bone Regeneration with a Chin Block Autograft

Marcos Di Pascua D’Angelo. 17(9): 1531-1541.

Short Communication

Post-Operative Pain and the Opioid Crisis

Weronika Bluma, Paul Deitrick and Allen Fred Fielding. 17(9): 1552-1554.

Case Report

Detailed Invention Developed for the Treatment of TMJ Ankylosis

A Mukhtar Tantawi. 17(9): 1555-1563.

Research Article

The Effect of Silver Diamine Fluoride in Preventing Secondary Caries in Primary Teeth: In-vitro Study

Osama M Felemban, Weaam A Dabroom, Mona T Alsharif, Bashaer Alghamdi, Faris S Bantan, Ghada Farie, Luluah K Alhagas and Sumaya M Nouri. 17(9): 1564-1569.

Research Article

Halitosis, Physical and Oral Health in German and International Sports Science Students

Antina Schulze, Christoph Poekel and Martin Busse. 17(9): 1592-1605.

Research Article

Knowledge Assessment of Diagnosis and Treatment Strategies of Periodontal Disease of Riyadh Dental Students

Ebtehal Ali Alsadah, Anwar Saeed Alhabib, Duaa Yousef Nunu, Lama Adil Raqban and Shahzeb H Ansari. 17(9): 1606-1615.

Research Article

Patients’ Desire and Previous Experience of Dental Bleaching

Rwan Aldakheel, Haifa Alhussein, Shahd Alruweili and Ghada Alotaibi. 17(9): 1633-1644.

Research Article

The Effects of pH Changes on the Microhardness of Three Fluoride Releasing Restorative Materials: An In Vitro Study

Neslihan Çökük, Gülter Devrim Kaki, Duygu Recen, Gülnur Işıl Türk Zamahay, Emine Kara. 17(9): 1645-1651.